Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Android or Apple who is faster? Ramos i9 VS iPad Air review by coolicool

We have to say that Ramos i9 and iPad Air is quite representative of two tablet in the second half of this year. The iPad Air we do not to say, as a new generation of Apple's products, it is the industry benchmark; But Ramos i9 do not underestimate, it is a new 8.9 -inch tablet pc, it is equipped with Intel Clover Trail + series processor, it is the strongest performance of the atom Z2580 processor, frequency can be as high as 2 GHZ, it is the domestic fastest android tablet. We do not know when the Ramos i9 and iPad Air together, it will show you some amazing thing, we look forward to that. Let test this two models of tablet, not just performance, but also experience.

First of all, Ramos i9 and iPad Air were compared in the start-up speed, iPad Air is a little fast step to enter the system interface, but it should be said that from the results, both are close.

Ramos i9 VS iPad Air UI operations
In the UI operations, Ramos i9 and iPad Air are flowing freely, fingers sliding screen like a flowing. In fact, the Android platform from 4.1 system Project Butter (Butter), it have already rival in the iOS system UI fluency. Besides Ramos i9 is carrying the Android 4.2.2 system, at the same time based on 2 GHZ atom Z2580 processor, the performance is better. And Ramos i9 UI home screen have many desktop widget, it also features of Android tablet, so Ramos i9 implementation smooth operation as well as the Air UI at the same time, it is also the Android platform hardware performance, leading system, good personality features and user experience gradually perfect fusion of a show. 
Ramos i9 VS iPad Air local HD video playback
In the local video test, Ramos i9 load play response speed is outstanding. In addition, in the process of test, iPad Airscreen brightness is using automatic adjustment Settings, Ramos i9 screen brightness adjustment to its also about the same brightness range. We can feel that Ramos i9 8.9 -inch 1920 x 1200 IPS screen resolution are amazing, it have rich details to present, it is not less than ipad Air, and even some details performance is better. 
Ramos i9 VS iPad Air local HD video playback view shows contrast
Although iPad Air color gamut range is wide, color saturation is likely to be higher, but in the individual visual Angle display, Ramos i9 color reduction are better, iPad Air will be slight deviation by the Angle change, this also see that Ramos i9 using 8.9 -inch samsung original IPS screen really doing well. 
Ramos i9 VS iPad Air local video playback screen resolution
Ramos i9 is equipped with 2 GHZ atom Z2580 processor and LPDDR2 2 gb memory, soft solutions for 1080 p video is still able to smooth play. In addition to the local video playback ability is strong, the picture degree shows fine, Ramos i9 8.9 -inch 1920 x 1200 resolution IPS screen is similar with ipad Air 9.7 inch 2048 x 1536 resolution screen, after all, the ppi is very close to, the former ppi is 255, the latter ppi is 264, so they has almost equally clear and fine quality.
Ramos i9 VS iPad Air "gourmet coaster 17: most wanted" game demo
As for comparison in the game, iPad Air PowerVR G6430 GPU performance is very strong, with Apple hard software platform excellent compatibility, game performance is needless to say, first-class experience. But Ramos i9 PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU, high operating frequency is 533 MHZ, whether can bring good game experience or not, many users do more concern. In fact, Ramos i9 use the Imagination PowerVR series GPU, the game compatibility is basic equally good with iPad Air, and in the actual type "gourmet coaster 17: most wanted" large 3D games, screen fluency and picture effect, even including sound effects, etc., it is similar with ipad Air. Of course, in the sound quality, iPad Air is obviously more good, the sounds is really good, but Ramos i9 AAC independent double cavity design of sound quality is worth looking forward to, at least, I think it is better than the vast majority of Android tablet on the market many times.
Ramos i9 VS iPad Air "FIFA2014" demo contrast
In another game, "FIFA2014" 3D game is the same, Ramos i9 and iPad Air demo game experience is very close, basically, we don't see differences, they are doing well. As a result, it can be concluded that, at least in the running at present most of the large 3D games, Ramos i9 PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU performance is more better, 170M/s triangle output and 5100 m/s pixel fill, it is equipped with LPDDR2 memory, it is not pressure to drive 8.9 -inch 1920 x 1920 resolution screen, it also good to ensure the game picture fluency and rendering quality. 
Ramos i9 VS iPad Air web browsing
Finally, Ramos i9 and iPad Air test for web browsing. Open BOLOPAD technology information website, both tablet fast loading, the web page sliding operation is well, especially i9 up and down web drag speed is super fast. 
Ramos i9 VS iPad Air page load picture contrast
Open another web images, Ramos i9 web page loading speed is obviously slightly faster than ipad Air. iPad Air individual images shown in the web page is not displayed, Ramos i9 have shown to complete.
Ramos i9 VS iPad Air online video broadcast
Ramos i9 in addition to support rapid web browsing, online video playback is very outstanding, we can be learned that from the comparison to ipad Air. These are mainly derived from the Ramos i9 using Intel atom Z2580 processors, in addition to main frequency up to 2 GHZ, it also supports hyper-threading technology,it realize the highest four threads, performance even beyond the ARM architecture quad-core Android tablet pc. The more important thing is the processor support frequency technology, it is able to improved performance under a higher load moment, the experience is further upgrade. 
After a contest, we should be said, we know the Ramos i9further. Ramos i9 is using 2 GHZ Intel atom Z2580 dual-core four thread processor, it is equipped with 2GB memory, it is built-in PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU, it also has a 8.9 -inch 1920 x 1200 resolution original IPS screen, through all sorts of practical functions, we experience a high level of the Android tablet. Even in some ways, Ramos i9 performance is more outstanding, and the price USD228.99 At Coolicool is more close to people. Although this is only a short period of time to do evaluation on this two tablet, iPad Air pole position is still good, but I think ramos i9 will meet a lot of people need, they are looking forward to. At least, on the Android platform, of course, we also want to see more products appear like szsa Ramos i9 Tablet PC, after all, joining the Intel core, the markets even more diverse and fascinating. And because Intel constantly challenge ARM, the market more is competitive, good products are constantly emerging, the consumers will have more and better choices.

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