Thursday, January 23, 2014

[ROM] iNew V3 Ultimate v1.0.4 - 3.5GB internal/rooted/full touch CWM

This firmware is based on V3-E Stock 1.0.4 from 17-JAN-2014 with working OTG

ROM Includes
- Rooted
- 3.5GB internal storage / 10.5GB phone storage
- Newest FULL Touch Recovery CWM This recovery is safe to factory
reset with. It won't format /system unless you select option 1.
- Boot sound bye-bye
- 2 Chinaware removed - smsreg and sharedstoragebackup
- Root Explorer app included as part of /system

Otherwise the ROM is completely stock. No add-on junk.

- Standard CWM 5.5
- Stock recovery
- EBR for 6.0GB internal storage / 8GB phone storage
- Stock EBR
- Full scatter (for flashing USRDATA and CACHE if needed)
- Full expiremental scatter (if any errors when trying to flash, please try to use this scatter instead)

To use these, just direct SP Flash Tool to the corresponding files in the 'Extras' folder.


- (Optional) Backup apps and data with Titanium, or with CWM that has the option to restore /data only - Note: For those who want to try it, you can just wipe /cache and dalvik instead of factory reset at the end. This firmware won't flash over your /data, but not wiping /cache after the install will likely cause an issue with boot. If you want you can do try this (Flash firmware > boot into recovery > wipe cache and dalvik only > reboot). You must be using the 3.5GB EBR on your current ROM for this to work. If you're using stock EBR or any other EBR on your current ROM, you must factory reset at the end.

- In SP Flash Tools, select 'scatter loading' and choose the scatter in '!Files_To_Flashtool' folder extracted from the ROM download
- Turn off phone
- In SP Flash Tools, Click FIRMWARE -> UPGRADE. If you want to leave your current recovery/EBR or anything else unflashed, then unselect what you want left alone and use 'DOWNLOAD' instead of FIRMWARE UPGRADE.
- Connect phone - If the ROM upgrade doesn't start, remove your battery for a second, then put it back.
- Boot into recovery and factory reset
- (Optional) Restore apps and data with Titanium or 'Advanced restore' /data only with CWM recovery. Do not do a full CWM restore, you will lose your new firmware and be back to where you started.

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